Tinkertowners Write About Portland


Recently Tinkertowners wrote two hometown stories for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kim wrote about the stand-up comedy scene of Portland, where – by some estimates – 70 local comedians do open-mics, and often "triple dip" club to club in a single night. Much of it's free. She writes:

"If anything, the IFC sketch comedy show “Portlandia” has proved America’s hipster hub can take a joke from out-of-towners. What’s less-known is it can deliver one too."

In his piece, Robert explores one of the country's biggest Russian communities. The Portland area is home to 40-some thousand people from the former Soviet Bloc countries. His article highlights a mostly under-appreciated cuisine and how Russian restaurant chefs deal with day-to-day in the era of Putin. 

“I make fun of Putin as much as the next person,” says [Bonnie Morales of Kachka] with a half-laugh. “Just because I cook food I like to eat doesn’t mean I’m colluding.”