Pony Trekking in Lesotho

A few years ago I hired a local guide and took a four-day pony trek through the mountains of Lesotho, Africa. (Lovely Malealea Lodge booked my guide Michael and locally-owned Basuto pony named ‘Senda.’)

Lesotho is a tiny, independent, landlocked country in the middle of South Africa and the most rural country I’ve ever visited. Being able to sit and watch typical daily life—in a village it takes six horseback-hours to get to from anywhere—is something that has stayed close to my heart ever since.

Here's a gallery of my favorite photos from the trip -- AND I’m so happy to have recently found some lost footage of the trek, too. The local villagers would all gather around at night as I showed them pictures I'd taken that day. Fathers would laugh at seeing their kids make faces at the camera and mothers lined up to get snapshots of them with their babies. I hope you enjoy these as much as the villagers and I did on the trek.