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PJ is over six feet tall, fond of singing, and recently celebrated his 18th birthday at a Chuck E Cheese’s in Virginia. He’s a travel addict after living abroad, visiting several countries and many cities.

He’s also autistic.

That’s no surprise, since one in 100 people are now on the autism spectrum (more in the US). But this show isn't about autism. It's a travel show. Unlike any other.

Diagnosed with autism by a panel of specialists while living in Norway at age two, PJ had already found the perfect way to socialize himself — travel. Doctor's orders. He’s been to 16 countries and 37 states, and he’ll list them for you alphabetically or geographically, your choice.

Young PJ charms the hat off a NYC policeman.

Young PJ charms the hat off a NYC policeman.

On every episode of "PJ’s World," he'll pursue a handful of activities in destinations he handpicks. He’ll eat something, make something, meet someone, do something — and of course take as much public transport as he can. He might even sing us all a song.

Sometimes the show follows his whims. Even though he doesn't always know what to say, PJ’s a people person, so it leads to unexpected discoveries. In Times Square a few years ago, he approached a policeman to ask about the jail there — and was quickly offered a tour.

“PJ is the least judgmental person who’s ever lived,” says his 14-year-old sister Abby. “Seriously, he’s never judged anybody.”

That isn’t to say everything interests him equally. At the Louvre in Paris, for example, he nodded politely at the Mona Lisa then feasted on the museum’s signage. (Sorry, Da Vinci!)

PJ also constantly surveys the world from home, by using a tablet to study various big cities’ infrastructures on street-view maps. As a result, he’s created a language of “road signs,” a highly consistent language for every sign that goes by. (And he’s particularly fond of tunnels.)

Viewers will follow PJ’s interests — and his pace — which helps show there’s more than one way of looking at the world and learning from it.

for "PJ's World" (so far)

  • Norway (especially to see his old neighbors and doctor who taught him to speak)

  • Vietnam

  • Pacific Northwest USA (incl Portland, Seattle and the Oregon coast)

  • United Kingdom

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Australia

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

  • Japan

  • Canada (especially Montreal & Vancouver)

  • Moscow, Russia

  • France

  • Los Angeles, California, USA

  • Kenya (to see wild animals)

  • New York, USA (incl NYC and the Hudson Valley)

  • Hawaii, USA

  • Singapore

  • Boston, MA, USA

Know of another place you think PJ would love? Send us a tweet at @Tinkertowners or an IG message on @PJsWorldTravel



Kim I. Mott has been following PJ's lead since becoming his mother 18 years ago. She's also been a longtime travel writer, on-camera host, and digital producer, having appeared on The Travel Channel and many documentaries. She'll be producing to help PJ bring his voice to travelers around the globe.

Robert Reid has been in the travel publishing industry for over two decades, working as an on-air host, writer, publisher, videographer, as well as a spokesperson for brands like Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler. He’s produced and hosted over a hundred travel videos, including a National Geographic Learning series for US history textbooks and 2017’s award-winning “Connecting Culture” series by Star Alliance. He is looking forward to producing for his intrepid bud, PJ.

James Sanderson is passionate about collaborating with storytellers, archeologists and explorers, with 25 years of world travel shooting pictures and film to preserve the environment and document rituals, spiritual journeys, and festivals. He's excited to use large format cameras, drones, and fluid motion capture to bring stunning imagery to PJ's World.

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